2012 Season Goals/ Long Term Goals

We are only 50-something days away from the 2012 MLB season! And after not much snow has not fallen this Winter, I am ready for spring more then ever!:

I want to get alot accomplished this season, ballhawking wise, collecting wise, and I want a very sucessful season in terms of ballhawking for me. Here are some things that will help me have a successful first ballhawking season.

I am 16 years old and going to turn 17 in April. My rookie ballhawking goals below

 1. get my first ever ball
2. get any sort of game ball (home run, foul ball, gr double ect)
3. collect some autographs
4. visit atlease three new ballparks- Already 1 down at NYS, now likely to go to PNC and philadelphia this season!
5. Attend 7+ games this season, will be my highest amount of games in one season for me!  6. Get a picture with a player


So those are the goals that I can think of that I want to complete no doubt this season. Now some long terms.
1. see all 30 teams- gunna take some time but I see myself doing this soon, more likje another two years or so
2. see all current ballparks- longshot as of now but very well hoping to see all 30 ballparks and more in the future
3. go to an all star game- nothing like the shot of getting ball after ball hit to your section at the HR Derby. Also get an ASG ball on its sight!

check back on my blog as I blog about my ballpark adventures during the season! Also expect many other entries of other things as well.

Bye for now!


  1. Cook & Son Bats

    Heck, I think you accomplish season goals 1, 2, 3, and 6 the first time you go to Camden Yards this season, provided that you showup at the very beginning of BP. As for season goal number 5, shoot for 10! Double digits!
    One of my goals for Tim is to get his picture with a player from each team…even the hated Yankees (oops…that’s your squad, right?). I think he has his picture with players from 19 teams right now. Something like that.

  2. jbooher2013

    Hopefully I do suceed most of those season goals this year! I will be arriving early enough for BP- so hopefully your right!

  3. jbooher2013

    And about the amount of games I attend I don’t know how many it will be as my dad had a heart attack in Jan. and can’t go out in the humid months of the summer…though I’ll deff be going to Washington (already ordered); Pirates (ordering next week) as well as Philly and Baltimore trips!

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