2012 Season: Other Baseball Predictions

We have reached opening night of the 2012 season! Cardinals vs Marlins at new Marlins Ballpark tonight. While every other team will open the season tomorrow and Friday. In my last series of posts, I went over each division. This entry is about other 2012 predictions- including my world series prediction!


Cy Young: Justin Verlander  Runner-up: Felix Hernandez

MVP:  Miguel Cabrera  Runner-up: Robinson Cano

ROTY:  Matt Moore  (TB)

MOTY:  Joe Maddon

AL Champs: Detroit Tigers



Cy Young: Cliff Lee   Runner-up: Matt Cain

NL MVP:  Joey Votto  Runner-up: Jason Heyward

NL Roty:  Bryce Harper  

NL MOTY: Mike Matheny

NL CHamps: Phillies

WS Prediction: Tigers over Phillies- This may be Phillies last chance of making the world series as the Marlins and Nationals are on the upcoing rise in the next couple of years. With the 3 ace in their rotation they did not get the job done, as they were eliminated by eventual champs St Louis in the first round. Kind of a risky pick with injuries of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. Detroit I think wins the AL pennant due to Justin Verlander and the rest of the solid staff. Plus they got Prince Fielder and Miggy Cabrera and other rising stars. I give the advantage to the AL in the world series this year.

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